• Do you feel like you never have enough time?
  • Are you struggling to manage your workload and balance your priorities?
  • Want to learn how to work more effectively so you can reach your goals?

Many people cite lack of time as the reason they can’t achieve more. But how much time gets wasted every day just by poor organisation and general disruption? Knowing how to recognise and overcome these challenges is the start of becoming more effective, both personally and professionally. People who make the most of their time are usually more successful, less stressed and better able to maintain a positive work-life balance. This workshop will equip you with a range of proven and practical time management concepts and strategies that will boost your productivity and effectiveness.

Topics covered:

  • Effective prioritisation
  • SMART goal setting
  • Managing interruptions that affect productivity
  • Delegation
  • Avoiding procrastination


  1. How to prioritise effectively using the Priority Matrix Mode
  2. How to use the SMART model to set your own goals
  3. The principles of successful delegation
  4. A simple model for saying “no” to non-essential tasks or other factors that affect your productivity
  5. An understanding of your own procrastination style, and strategies to overcome it


Our approach:
GoldMind workshops are designed to enable and empower participants and their organisations to succeed. We integrate proven brain science methodologies before, during and after the workshop so that new learnings are retained and supported back at the workplace. Our highly engaging and welcoming delivery lifts each participant to switch on, be involved and learn at their best. It’s in this way that workplace application is maximised and sustainable results are achieved.

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Who should attend:
This program is designed for people who want to create and adhere to positive time management habits that will increase their effectiveness in the workplace.

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