TeamThinking with HBDI

  • Do you know how to unleash the collective power of your team’s thinking?
  • Want to bring out the individual talents of each of your team members?
  • Would your team benefit from a fun, team-building experience that celebrates their diversity?

As the Japanese proverb says, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” High-functioning teams are marked by their ability to work together, collectively striving to achieve set goals. HBDI and the Whole Brain Thinking Model can have a dramatic impact on a team’s success. It can sharpen the talents of each team member, and enable everyone to work together as a cohesive and productive unit. This workshop will help your team understand the nature and consequences of their collective thinking preferences. Each member will gain an appreciation of what everyone contributes, enhancing positive collaboration and team performance.


Topics covered:

  • The role of ‘thinking’ in building a high-functioning team
  • The way each thinking preference contributes to the success of a team
  • Strategies for adopting a whole brain approach to team thinking
  • Practical application of whole brain team thinking



  1. Greater awareness of each team member’s individual talents and strengths
  2. How to celebrate thinking diversity within your team
  3. The impact of team thinking preferences on communication, decision making and problem solving


Our approach:
GoldMind workshops are designed to enable and empower participants and their organisations to succeed. We integrate proven brain science methodologies before, during and after the workshop so that new learnings are retained and supported back at the workplace.

Our highly engaging and welcoming delivery lifts each participant to switch on, be involved and learn at their best. It’s in this way that workplace application is maximised and sustainable results are achieved.

Who should attend:
This program is designed for teams that want to enhance their awareness of thinking preferences to improve their effectiveness as a team. We recommend participants attend the ‘Cracking the Thinking Code with HBDI’ workshop as a prerequisite to this program.

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