Plan+ Prosper

  • Need to know how to create a comprehensive business plan for your team or organisation?
  • Do you want make business planning a fun and interactive experience that involves and engages your whole team?

Regular business planning is universally recognised as a necessity for any successful team. But to build an even higher level of performance, business planning relies on the collective buy-in and ownership of goals by each and every team member. This highly interactive workshop engages all individuals in your team, enabling them to collaborate, create their vision and articulate team goals and strategies. Using a unique staged process, your team will reflect on the previous financial year, set goals for the year ahead and build ownership of responsibilities to ensure your business plan drives business success.
Topics covered:

  • Reflection on the achievements and learnings from the previous year
  • Team identity
  • Goal-setting strategies
  • Vision creation
  • Directorships and plan implementation


  1. A business plan for the following financial period
  2. Collective buy-in and support from each team member
  3. A vision statement for the team or business

Our approach:
GoldMind workshops are designed to enable and empower participants and their organisations to succeed. We integrate proven brain science methodologies before, during and after the workshop so that new learnings are retained and supported back at the workplace. Our highly engaging and welcoming delivery lifts each participant to switch on, be involved and learn at their best. It’s in this way that workplace application is maximised and sustainable results are achieved.

Who should attend:
This program is designed for any team that would like to undergo a business planning process that encourages buy-in and support from the whole team.

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