Developinga GOLDEN Mind

  • Would you like to raise engagement in your business?
  • Unlock greater workplace performance?
  • Support your people to be the best they can be in their personal and professional lives?

 In Australia, only 24% of employees are engaged in the workplace, representing a significant cost to business and impact on employee wellbeing. Developing a GOLDEN Mind is an experiential workshop that teaches the science of sustainable peak performance.


The Developing a GOLDEN Mind Workshop teaches the six elements that are critical to increasing engagement and driving performance in the workplace. These elements are based on leading neuroscience research and years of proven application within one of Australia’s most successful companies – Flight Centre Travel Group.


The six performance elements have been specifically chosen to assist individuals to develop a greater understanding of their own cognitive behaviours and learn how to infuse positive habits into their personal and professional lives.


The workshop also incorporates a fable – ‘Timothy Loppy & The Golden Mind’ to bring the six elements to life and help participants contextualise their learning in a fun and memorable way.


Topics covered:

  • Growth Mindset – What happens when you adopt one
  • Optimism – The power of positivity
  • Listen to Your Self Talk – How to harness our inner voice
  • Discipline – Doing what you say you’re going to do
  • Enjoy and Have Fun – The impact of Injecting happiness into our work
  • Norms – Challenge Them – The importance of challenging the status quo


  • A personal copy of the Timothy Loppy & The Golden Mind fable
  • Simple strategies to positively charge the brain for greater productivity and performance
  • An action plan for applying learnings back in the workplace


Who should attend:
This program is designed for people who want embed positive mental and wellbeing habits in their lives and unlock the secrets to greater performance.

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