Builda Winning Team

  • Does your team lack focus, direction and motivation?
  • Is your team working to its fullest potential, or is it capable of more?
  • Do you want to know how to enhance the performance of your team?

High-performance teams don’t just happen – they are created, developed and nurtured. It’s the role of the leader that is pivotal in this process. A leader needs to skillfully manage differing personalities, skill sets and individual needs to build an engaged and motivated unit that is capable of achieving a common goal. This workshop gives you an understanding of what makes a high-performing team, and how you can drive your people forward, united by their culture, goals and desire for success.

Topics covered:

  • The components of creating a successful team
  • The importance of starting with ‘why’
  • Why trust and empowerment is key to a high performing team
  • The importance of collaboration – and ‘acting as one’
  • Building the right environment with the right people on your team
  • The role of setting expectations in driving team success


  1. The key elements of a ‘5 Star’ team
  2.  How to apply each element to lead teams for greater performance and achievement of common goals.

Our approach:
GoldMind workshops are designed to enable and empower participants and their organisations to succeed. We integrate proven brain science methodologies before, during and after the workshop so that new learnings are retained and supported back at the workplace.

Our highly engaging and welcoming delivery lifts each participant to switch on, be involved and learn at their best. It’s in this way that workplace application is maximised and sustainable results are achieved.

Who should attend:
This workshop is designed for team leaders or emerging leaders who want to create or enhance a high-performance culture within their team.

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