"GoldMind is unique because we can draw on the richness of Flight Centre’s success.

I love being able to transfer these insights and learnings to develop strong people and teams in other companies."



Erin is a dynamic, positive and energetic facilitator who has a natural proficiency for working with people. Joining Flight Centre Travel Group in 2010, Erin has a proven track record of designing and delivering leadership and development programs in a global context.

At GoldMind, Erin combines her genuine passion for training with her ability to connect with participants of all levels and backgrounds. She believes in creating unique and memorable learning experiences where participants realise the power of collaboration, the impact of strong leadership and the value of approaching challenges in a new light.

Erin’s facilitation approach is fun and extremely interactive. She places high importance on interweaving games and innovative training techniques to maximise both engagement during the workshop, and learning retention afterwards. Erin remains focused on ensuring that GoldMind’s programs achieve the greatest outcomes for each client by maintaining supportive post-workshop relationships.


  • Certified Practitioner: HBDI
  • Accredited Administrator: Myer Briggs Type Indicator, Extended Disc, EQi
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
  • Trainer Certification: Training from the Back of the Room™ (Sharon Bowman)
  • Bachelor of Commerce

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