Posted on 16 January 2017

Learn How To Be ‘Lucky’ In Life!


Ever wondered why some people seem to ‘have all the luck’? Why certain people around us seem to effortlessly attract an abundance of good things into their lives – a great relationship, exciting career or extraordinary wealth?


You know, those charmed individuals who always seem to be able to sniff out a great opportunity, connect with the right people, or find a way to effortlessly ‘land on their feet’ after a setback.


While they appear to be miraculously blessed, you might be surprised to know that seemingly ‘lucky people’ aren’t lucky by sheer accident. Instead, research shows that the secret to ‘luck’ has much to do with the mindset these individuals possess.


According to a British study, people who demonstrate open-mindedness, bravery and optimism, tend to generate more positive opportunities in their lives, than those who see the world through a closed, cautious and pessimistic lens. ‘Lucky people’ also tend to consult their intuition when making decisions, inject variety into their routine, and look for the silver linings of their setbacks.


As Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology once wrote, “Optimists endure the same storms in life as pessimists. But they weather them better and emerge from them better off.”


As such, people who are positively primed to spot and seize opportunity are more open to life’s forking paths, and often see possibilities that others miss. And if things don’t work out as hoped, their resilient mindset enables them brush off disappointment and launch headlong toward the next fortunate circumstance.


These scientific insights prove that the realm of ‘luck’ does not simply belong to a fortunate few – but is instead something that everyone can create in their lives by adopting the right mindset.


Whilst your realm of control may not encompass the economy, the weather, the stock market or the universe – there are some key focuses that you can keep front-of-mind, to learn how to inject ‘L.U.C.K’ into any situation in life!


L – Location. Ever heard the expression, “right place, right time”? Placing yourself in the right location can be the key to opening up new opportunities. Lucky people actively seek out environments where new experiences can be had. Whether it’s travelling to new locations, attending events aligned to your interests or career, or simply fine tuning your awareness of what’s happening in your surroundings – putting yourself into the right location (both physically and mentally!) is an important first step in creating luck in your life.


U – Understanding. Being clear about what opportunities you want to create is critical to generating ‘luck’. Lucky people have a crystal clear objective and positively visualise what they want to generate in their lives. Whether it’s leading a happier, healthier life, or achieving career aspirations – lucky people understand what they want in life and have a magnet attracting them to their goals.


C – Connections. Creating the right connections is essential to injecting ‘luck’ into your life. Your own personal network may be an untapped resource of new opportunities – however, the more you connect with different circles of people, the more you will increase your chances of generating lucky opportunities. Don’t be afraid to jump into new social situations – joining a networking group, hobby club or simply introducing yourself to interesting strangers can all be great ways of sparking lucky encounters!


K – Knowledge. Possessing a thirst for knowledge is the last key ingredient to creating luck. Lucky people remain curious in life, and keep their eye out for emerging trends and interesting information that might generate new ideas and opportunities. Whether it’s picking up a new book, subscribing to a new podcast or publication or simply asking a friend or colleague to share their insights with you over a coffee – expanding your mind is an important way to prime your life for luck!


In addition to generating good fortune, these practices will also put you in good stead for creating a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. So what will your first step be?


Good luck! Not that you need it… just go out and make it!


Posted by Erin Strube. 

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